Raw Data

In this section you have several options to work with Raw Data:

SQL Wizard

SQL Wizard allows you to create SQL-like queries and extract any type of data related to your project from the devtodev database.

Click "Add column" to start editing your query, then select columns for your report. You can choose any data about:

  • User data (install date, country, app version, etc.)

  • Basic events (sessions, payments, in-app purchases, tutorial steps, etc.)

  • Custom events (any parameters of any custom event that you've integrated)

After you select columns, the body of the query will be created. All connections (joins) between the tables are set, but you can change them if necessary.

Drag and drop column names to reorder them in the report. If you need to use an aggregate function (AVG, MAX, MIN, etc.), click the down arrow button right to the column name and select a function from the list.

To add conditions to your query, click "Add conditions" button and then add rules (or groups of rules and logical operations between them) by clicking "Add rule" / "Add group" buttons.

Finally, you can set the order of lines in the report by filling the "Order by" condition.

Click "View result" - and the results of your query will be shown in the table below.

Please note that only 200 lines are shown here, but you can get complete data by downloading results as a .csv file.

You can save this query to use it again in future by clicking the "Save report" button.

Raw Export

The Raw Export section allows you to build custom reports and download them as csv. files. This may be needed if you want to work with data on your own and build more complex and customized reports.

To create a new report, click the "Add a new report" button above the table and follow the instructions.

  • Choose events and data

  • Select time frame for the report

  • Name your report

To download an existing report, find it in the table and click "Download" in the right column of the table. The report will be downloaded to your computer.

You can download the reports with only "Ready" status. If a report is in a "In progress" status, wait until it reaches 100%. If the report is in an "Empty report" status, it means that there is no relevant data to be exported.

After the report is created, you can see its settings by clicking the button in the “Settings” column.

Please note that reports will be available for downloading only during 14 days after their creation.