App Store Subscriptions

This functionality is available only for projects with integrated devtodev SDK version 2.1.0 or higher for native applications and not lower than 3.1.0 for Unity!

Please note that the current section describes how to integrate only one source of subscription data - from the App Store. You’ll also need to integrate the Subscription event via SDK to get the subscription data in the devtodev reports (the documentation link is at the bottom of the page). When you integrate both data sources (App Store and SDK), you’ll be able to see the Subscription report and devtodev will connect that data with the users successfully. If one of the integrations is missing, the Subscription report won’t be working correctly.

Settings on App Store Connect side

  • In My Applications, select the app for which you would like to start analyzing subscription data.

  • In the General information block in the left menu column, navigate to the Application information section.

  • Go to devtodev, select the same app and open the app settings (Settings -> 3rd Party Sources -> App Store Connect).

  • Copy the Endpoint URL

  • Go back to App Store Connect, find the General App Information section below and insert the URL you have obtained before.

  • Click Save to confirm your changes.

  • Click Save.

Settings on devtodev side

  • Go back to the devtodev application settings, specify your application bundle and add all existing subscriptions, specifying the bundle, subscription period, and name for each subscription.

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