Acquisition reports

This block of reports allows to analyze users acquisition in your application. To start analysing user acquisition in your app, you need to:

  • Integrate an attribution platform (we support Adjust, AppsFlyer, Tune, Branch, Kochava and Tenjin) using postback URL's from the Integration section (Settings > 3rd party sources > Attribution tracking). Please note that to do it you must be in Admin or Owner role.

  • Integrate devtodev SDK into your application and you will be able to evaluate the quality of your traffic in devtodev. Learn more on the page below:

Attribution Trackers

Acquisition reports:

Acquisition Dashboard

This dashboard contains acquisition data overview by traffic sources:

  • General ratio between paid and organic traffic

  • Distribution of new users by countries

  • Cumulative ARPU for top 5 traffic sources (top is based on the number of users)

  • More detailed information about top sources in a table view

Click a 🔎 to open a more detailed report.


This report allows to measure the efficiency of incoming traffic.

Select up to 5 different sources, campaigns or countries (depending on the tab) and click “View result” to monitor key metrics: Installs, Gross, ARPU, Paying conversion, etc.

Also, you can compare some financial and behavioral metrics for selected sources, such as Cumulative ARPU, Retention, ROI, Payback period, etc.

Detailed Stats

This table contains all basic info about traffic sources. You can add any metrics to compare by clicking the “Metrics” button.

If you are using the Custom Postback API or install referrer (SDK), you can select the necessary trafic sources in the filters.

Conversion in Event

You can also add a specific custom event to determine conversion into action. It allows you to assess the quality of traffic acquired from different sources because if users perform key actions in the app, it could be an indicator that they are interested in the app and the product is clear for them.

For example, you can examine the following conversion rates:

  • To passing N levels in the game

  • Registration in the app, especially if it is recommended to continue working with the product

  • Entering body characteristics for a fitness app

  • Completion of the first lesson in an educational app

Data can be grouped by country / campaign / publisher, moreover sub categories can be applied.

Click Filters to apply additional filters or segment.

LTV Prediction

Check out the Predictions section to learn more about LTV Prediction!


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