Filter by app version in the Retention report

You have two filter options:
  • By the installation version (first app version)
  • By the current version (current app version)
When applying the filter, you select the users with a certain app version while ignoring information about returns/sessions. It means that you use the filter to build a cohort and then calculate retention rates regardless of the current app version.
Let’s say a user installed the 1.2 version of the application. If we apply the “first app version = 1.2” filter then the user will enter our cohort and we can calculate his retention rate. If the user updates the app to version 1.4 then he will still remain in the calculation because it is based on the first app version only. If after that we apply the “current app version = 1.4” filter then our user will enter the new cohort because the first app version is in this case irrelevant and the cohort is made of the users currently using the 1.4 version. Depending on the selected retention type, the retention rate of this user will be calculated from day 0 or 1 regardless of the app version he was using at that time.
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