• Copy devtodev API key from “3rd Party Attribution. AppsFlyer” panel on " Settings -> 3rd party sources -> Attribution trackers" page in devtodev system. Don't forget to turn on the service.

  • Select your app, paste the devtodev API key you copied before, select "All media sources, including organic", activate partner and click "Save integration". Integration completed.

For iOS applications we recommend turning off the Advanced Privacy (for iOS 14.5+ and later) option.

To improve the synchronization of the user data obtained by devtodev with the install data from AppsFlyer, we recommend that you follow the guideline below. The following recommendation is especially important for iOS since Advertising ID (IDFA) is no longer always available, and Vendor ID (IDFV) is not always sent by AppsFlyer. The best solution here is to send AppsFlyer’s user ID data to devtodev.

You need to make some changes to the devtodev SDK integration. You need to send a string parameter named "ad_tracker_id" to the user profile custom property while assigning to its value an AppsFlyer ID, which can be obtained from AppsFlyer SDK.

If you have multiple mobile apps for which you would like to set up this integration, you will need to follow these steps for each one of your mobile apps individually.

CPI data integration

devtodev allows our customers to query CPI data from AppsFlyer via Pull API.

AppsFlyer has API daily rate limits, so adding CPI integration results in a single daily request per app.

Integration can be enabled by checking the appropriate box. You will need an API token V.2.0, which can be found on the Profile -> Security Center -> API tokens page. For Apple platform App ID is Application ID without the 'id' prefix. For Android platform App ID is Android Package name. Note: App IDs are case sensitive.

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