devtodev is an all-in-one analytical platform for web and mobile applications. It combines a simple interface with powerful tools including teamwork features, funnels, paying users reports, LTV forecast, push notifications tool, and many other cool things. devtodev Slack integration helps you to explore the key metrics of your web/mobile application via Slack channel. The integration monitors your app key metrics and sends you daily reports through your team channel.To start getting reports in Slack follow these five steps:
  1. 1.
    create an account in devtodev
  2. 2.
    create a space for your apps in devtodev system
  3. 3.
    add your apps into the space
  4. 4.
    download and integrate devtodev SDK into your app
  5. 5.
    add Slack integration as it is written below
To start integration, you have to authorize in devtodev and proceed to the space where you plan to set the integration. Press "Add to Slack" button.
Select the channel to send the reports in the opened window, then press the "Authorize" button. When the access of application to the selected channel is approved, you'll be sent to the page of your space. In this section you can edit the key parameters of your report.
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Press the "Edit" button to start editing. On this form you can change the time of sending the report (according to your timezone), switch on/off the report sending, set the hook url to send the report.
Press "Save" button to finish editing (or press "Cancel" to call the changes off). Your reports in Slack will look like this one below:
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