Integration of push notification on UE4

General information

To enable Push Notifications you will have to perform the following actions:

    Add the application to your space in devtodev system
    Android. Get API key from Google APIs Console. It is nessesary to activate Google Cloud Messaging for Android before key generation. Detailed information on how to receive an API key you can find in native Android devtodev SDK documentation
    iOS. Generate Developer or Production Certificate for the application and get Private key file (.p12) on its basis. Detailed information on how to receive a Private key file you can find in native iOS devtodev SDK documentation
    Submit the data to the application settings in devtodev system
    Integrate devtodev SDK to the application (see the "SDK integration" division to learn more about integrating and initializing devtodev SDK)
    Set Push Notification Enabled in blueprint.
    Create a campaign for sending push notifications in "Push" section

Project settings

Set Push Notification Enabled in blueprint.

Creating a new push notification in devtodev interface

    Open PUSH NOTIFICATIONS section and click on "Add new campaign" button
    Fill in campaign name, select an app for delivery*
    Choose user group to send a message. You can choose existing segment or create a new one
    Enter notification details
    Schedule the delivery
    That's it!
You can create a campaign only after at least one push token comes from devtodev SDK integrated to your application. Otherwise the app will not be displayed in the list.
Last modified 1mo ago