Please do the following to integrate your web application with devtodev:

1. Add the application to the Space using the wizard for adding applications.

2. To integrate SDK, add the following line to the tag of your page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.devtodev.com/sdk/web/v2/devtodevsdk.js">

3. Init the SDK.


In order for SDK for WEB to start working, it is necessary to perform initialization right after the page is loaded and you have a basic user identifier at your disposal.

window.devtodev.initialize("App ID", config);
  • You can find the App ID in the settings of the respective app in devtodev (Settings → SDK → Integration → Credentials).

  • config - is an object that is used for specifying additional properties during initialization.

Since there’s no option to get any consistent identifier in web browsers, we recommend using as a User ID either a social network ID with your app or an ID that your server assigns to a user. It’s best to assign a User ID and specify it in the config object during the SDK initialization instead of using a setUserId method after the initialization.

If you have a games app, we recommend specifying the current player’s lever either in the config or at the earliest possible moment after the initialization via the setCurrentLevel method.



var config = {};
config.userId = "Unique user identifier";
config.currentLevel = 2;
config.trackingAvailability = true;
config.logLevel = "Error";
config.applicationVersion = "1";
window.devtodev.initialize("App ID", config);

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