User Profile Management

Click on your account in the upper right corner and select User Profile in order to access your personal settings.

Personal data

Here you can change your name, company details and email.

To change your email:

  1. Enter the new email address and confirm your password.

  2. Click OK and then click Save.

  3. After that you will get an email to confirm your new address.

Email notifications

Here you can manage your devtodev email subscriptions to news and weekly reports.

Delete account

Here is how to delete your devtodev account.

Click on the lock icon.

If you own a Space, you will need to transfer your ownership rights to another user of that Space in Space settings -> Users & Access. A dialog will redirect you.

Open the User Settings and select a role Owner (delegate owner access). After that the original owner of the Space will receive an Admin role.

When an Owner deletes their account, their payment card details are deleted as well. The Space will remain blocked until the new Owner adds new card in Space Settings -> Billing.

Note: if you have a debt, you will not be able to delete your devtodev account or transfer owner access.

If you do not own a Space or you have already transferred ownership, click on the Delete button.

After you click on the Delete button, your account will be temporarily deactivated for 14 days. During that time you will be able to reactivate your account. When the 14 days pass, your devtodev account will be deleted permanently.

To reactivate your account, click on the Reactivate button and then click Ok.

When you delete your devtodev account, all of your created content (reports, dashboards, alerts) will remain in devtodev. Other users of the Space will be able to transfer owner rights or delete this content.

Read more on how to configure content by deleted users in the Users & Access section.

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