An Overview Dashboard is a perfect place to see the key metric of your project in 1-2 minutes.

Alert widget on the dashboard shows the most important KPI of the project for the last day:

  • Gross (total amount of all payments of the users)

  • DAU (Daily Active Users, number of unique users that logged into the project on daily basis)

  • New Users (users who launched the application for the first time)

  • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User, Gross/DAU)

  • Paying users (the number of unique users who pay per day)

  • Average session length (Average time spent in the app per user)

  • Transactions(the total number of transactions)

  • Sticky factor (the regularity of users' entries DAU/MAU)

  • Average check (the average transaction amount for all the payments performed yesterday)

  • Transactions (how many payments were made in total by your users yesterday)

  • ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User, estimated revenue a single paying user generates during a specified revenue)

  • User online (the average number of users who were active at the same time during the last day)

  • Lifetime (how many days an average user spends in your project according to yesterday's data)

  • Sessions (how many times your users launched the app yesterday)

  • Paying users (how many users made at least one payment)

  • Paying share (how many users made at least one payment yesterday)

Click the arrow buttons on the left and right parts of the widget to switch metrics. The color of the widget indicates whether the metrics are growing or not (e.g. red color means the fall).

Top right widget shows stats of integration process (general completeness of integration in percents and detailed percents for the groups of features).

The rest of the charts show the main indicators of the project for the last 30 days:

  • New users

  • Gross & ARPU

  • Active users per day

  • Retention (day 1, day7, day 28)

  • Tutorial dynamics (how users pass the tutorial)

  • Users activity (distribution by hours and days of the week)

You can dive to the deeper analysis of each indicator by clicking the 🔎 button on related chart.

The bar at the top of the page shows the most important metrics for the current day and their comparison vs previous day.

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