Facebook Ads referral decryption

devtodev enables you to use Google Play platform to obtain data on installs driven by Facebook Ads campaigns. There are 2 ways to get this information:

  • From Google Play Store via devtodev SDK. The SDK versions 2.1.3 (SDK for Android native) and 3.1.0 (SDK for Unity) and above automatically sends data on installs driven by Facebook ads (when using Play Install Referrer Library)

  • From Appsflyer via postback (Appsflyer Push API)

The data we receive is encrypted therefore you need to decrypt them by using an Install Referrer Decryption Key which is unique for each app. See Facebook documentation to learn more.

We use the key to decrypt the information received from Facebook and convert it back to the original form so that we can use it in our reports.

Obtain the Install Referrer Decryption Key from your Meta for Developers account (Select your app->Settings->Basic->Android). Copy it.

Go to your project settings at devtodev (Settings -> 3rd party sources -> Attribution trackers->Facebook Ads referral decryption) and insert the key.

If you donโ€™t enter the Decryption Key in the app settings, then all the decrypted data sent by devtodev SDK will be discarded and can not be restored.

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