Tune (MAT)

1. Sign in with Tune. 2. Go to "Postback URLs". Click "Add Postback URL".

3. Fill-in "Postback Name" field. Choose “Advertising Partner” in the field “Partner Type”. Find devtodev in Advertising Partner Postback Template list.

4. Copy the devtodev API key from “Tune” panel on "Settings -> 3rd party sources -> Attribution trackers" page in app settings in devtodev system. Don't forget to turn on the service.

6. Select "devtodev" from "Partner" list. Chose the app you want to track from the list. Be careful when choosing from several apps. Set “Install” in the field “Event”. Open Advanced Settings.

7. Set “POST” in the field “HTTP Method”. Set "Post Data Type" to “json”. Postback status - “Active”. Connection status - "Approved". The remaining fields are optional.

8. Click "Save".

9. Integration completed.

If you have multiple mobile apps for which you would like to set up this integration, you will need to follow steps 4-10 for each one of your mobile apps individually.

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