This dashboard contains the overview table of key metrics for all projects in the space: Gross, New users, Active users, ARPU, Paying share.

At the top of the page, there are several settings:

  • Calendar. This feature allows you to adjust the reporting period. It offers a dropdown list with predefined time intervals for quick selection:

    • Today

    • Yesterday

    • Last 7 days

    • Last 30 days

    • Last 90 day

  • Revenue sources. This selector impacts the calculation of monetization metrics by selecting the ones you need from the list: SUB, IA, AD.

  • Search. This functionality allows filtering the displayed apps in the table and the charts. For example, you can filter the table to show all projects on the Android platform or projects with the same name:

The table provides key metrics for all projects in the Space organized by apps. To the right of each metric value, a percentage is displayed, comparing the current period with the previous period of equal length. If you want to analyze the data of one of the applications, you can click on its name in the table.

Below the table, you can view the metrics values on the chart: New users, Active users, Day 1 retention by calendar, Gross, ARPU, and Paying share. A checkbox in the table marks the projects whose metrics will be displayed on the widgets.

At the bottom of the page, you can find the most important devtodev news.

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