AppGallery Connect Stats

To integrate AppGallery, please do the following.

On AppGallery’s side:

1. Sign in to AppGallery Connect and click Users and Permissions.

2. Go to API key > Connect API and click Create.

3. For Name, enter a custom client name. Set Project to N/A, select Operations, Development, and Finance roles, and click OK.

4. After the Client is successfully created, copy the values of Client ID and Key (Client Secret) from the client information list.

5. Also open Project settings > General information > App information and copy the App ID.

On devtodev’s side:

1. Open devtodev analytics.

2. Select your project.

3. Go to Settings -> 3rd party sources -> Huawei AppGallery.

4. Push “Integrate” button, "Edit" icon and insert App ID, Client ID and Client Secret (Key) obtained before.

5. Click Save and click on the tumbler if it is not turned on yet.

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