📌Product updates: 2024

Here are some of the new features you might have missed.

Add Conversion to payments report to custom dashboards

Released: 21/06/2024

You can now save Conversion to N payment, Period until payments, Top converting goods charts to a custom dashboard as widgets. This information will help you analyse the payments in a more convenient way.

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Like operator in Custom Events, Funnels and User Flow

Released: 21/06/2024

The Like opertor allows you to create a mask for the string parameter values.

For example, you have a parameter called Item and it has values: offer1, offer2, offer3, offer4. Use the Like operator and type offer, this will select all four of these values in the resulting report.

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Add Locations report to custom dashboards

Released: 21/06/2024

The Locations report contains ready-made metrics that allow you to see how users pass the different locations. You can now save this report to a dashboard with other metrics to see the whole picture.

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Change metrics' names in Custom events report

Released: 14/05/2024

This update gives you an ability to change the name of any metric in Custom events. You can use more convenient titles and adjust the values with a Round setting. There is also an option to change the Units for a single number widget. The applied metrics' settings will also be saved when you share the report or add it to a dashboard.

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Add Cumulative ARPU report to custom dashboards

Released: 14/05/2024

Results from Devtodev’s Cumulative ARPU report can now be saved to a custom dashboard as a widget. This information helps you track crucial Cumulative ARPU metric values for your project.

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Acquisition: trafic source filter

Released: 30/04/2024

Previously data from Custom Postback API or SDK Install referrer was not available in the Acquisition section. Now, we have added a Source filter in the Detailed stats report, where you can select the needed trafic sources.

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Table widget settings

Released: 30/04/2024

Customize the tables on your dashboard. Improve readability by adjusting the column width automatically (Autofit column width) or by hand. We have also added a Wrap text option for heading and table rows to allow for longer titles.

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Extended period of segment expiration

Released: 10/04/2024

With this update, we have extended the expiration date for unused segments to 60 days. If you do not apply the segment to any report, it will expire. However, you will have 30 days to recover this segment before it’s completely deleted.

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Axis scale settings

Released: 21/03/2024

Users now are able to customize axis boundaries on their charts to more accurately represent data trends. In cases where the charts are not optimally positioned (or you are not happy with their placement, or want to change the position of the chart), simply clicking on the Axis Scale option allows you to define the minimum and maximum values for the axis.

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Managing content created by deleted users

Released: 20/03/2024

When a user deletes their account, or in case the user is removed from the space, their content remains in devtodev. Now, the team can manage the ownership of such content. For example, you can take ownership of the report made by the deleted user, or you can delete it from the space.

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Transfer space ownership to another user

Released: 20/03/2024

When the space owner is changing, they need to transfer their ownership. With this update, the owner of the space can select a new owner in User settings and delegate their owner access.

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Cohort Timespent in Basic Metrics

Released: 12/03/2024

We’ve added a new metric to our Basic Metrics report – the Cohort Timespent. Previously, you may have known this metric as “Cohort Playtime,” which was created specifically to evaluate user engagement in the Sessions report. And now this metric is also available in Basic Metrics for both game projects and applications.

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devtodev SDK for Godot Engine

Released: 27/02/2024

Now you can create games and apps from scratch on all popular engines, including Godot, all while utilizing detailed data analytics tools. Devtodev platform will support you in understanding player behavior, optimization, and increasing user engagement throughout the entire lifetime of the product.

The new Godot SDK is now available for iOS, macOS, and Android platforms, providing you with the tools you need to take your games and apps to the next level.

Learn how to integrate Godot SDK:

Godot Engine

Copy dynamic segments

Released: 28/01/2024

An existing dynamic segment can be duplicated with just one click. Simply copy the segment and adjust its settings to save time when creating a segment with similar conditions.

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More Alert options

Released: 09/01/2024

You can receive notifications if the number of basic or custom events suddenly changes or differs from a specific day. These alerts will inform you about any positive or negative fluctuations.

Also, two new conditions have become available: a comparison with the previous day and a comparison with the same day last week. This allows the alert to activate when yesterday's event count is different from the count on the chosen day.

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