Space Dashboard

This dashboard contains the overview of key metrics for all projects in the space.

Total Gross / New Users / Daily active users widgets show metric values for yesterday, last 30 days and last year. You can see a comparison (in percentage) of these metrics with the same period in the past on the right part of each widget.

Total Gross widget
New Users widget
Daily Active Users widget

Top 5 applications by gross / by new users / by DAU charts show top 5 apps by a certain metric, where the “other” group includes all apps that are not in the top.

Top 5 applications by gross widget

Yesterday gross / new users / DAU by application tables show the value for the same apps for yesterday in comparison with the average value for the last 30 days.

Yesterday gross by application table

Best ARPU / retention widgets below the chart show the best performing app for the last 30 days by a certain metric. Please note that these best performing apps are selected by median values of metrics.

Best retention widget
Best ARPU widget