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Here are some of the new features you might have missed.

Change metrics' names in Custom events report

Released: 14/05/2024

This update gives you an ability to change the name of any metric in Custom events. You can use more convenient titles and adjust the values with a Round setting. There is also an option to change the Units for a single number widget. The applied metrics' settings will also be saved when you share the report or add it to a dashboard.

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Add Cumulative ARPU report to custom dashboards

Released: 14/05/2024

Results from Devtodev’s Cumulative ARPU report can now be saved to a custom dashboard as a widget. This information helps you track crucial Cumulative ARPU metric values for your project.

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Acquisition: trafic source filter

Released: 30/04/2024

Previously data from Custom Postback API or SDK Install referrer was not available in the Acquisition section. Now, we have added a Source filter in the Detailed stats report, where you can select the needed trafic sources.

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Table widget settings

Released: 30/04/2024

Customize the tables on your dashboard. Improve readability by adjusting the column width automatically (Autofit column width) or by hand. We have also added a Wrap text option for heading and table rows to allow for longer titles.

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Extended period of segment expiration

Released: 10/04/2024

With this update, we have extended the expiration date for unused segments to 60 days. If you do not apply the segment to any report, it will expire. However, you will have 30 days to recover this segment before it’s completely deleted.

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Axis scale settings

Released: 21/03/2024

Users now are able to customize axis boundaries on their charts to more accurately represent data trends. In cases where the charts are not optimally positioned (or you are not happy with their placement, or want to change the position of the chart), simply clicking on the Axis Scale option allows you to define the minimum and maximum values for the axis.

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Managing content created by deleted users

Released: 20/03/2024

When a user deletes their account, or in case the user is removed from the space, their content remains in devtodev. Now, the team can manage the ownership of such content. For example, you can take ownership of the report made by the deleted user, or you can delete it from the space.

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Transfer space ownership to another user

Released: 20/03/2024

When the space owner is changing, they need to transfer their ownership. With this update, the owner of the space can select a new owner in User settings and delegate their owner access.

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Cohort Timespent in Basic Metrics

Released: 12/03/2024

We’ve added a new metric to our Basic Metrics report – the Cohort Timespent. Previously, you may have known this metric as “Cohort Playtime,” which was created specifically to evaluate user engagement in the Sessions report. And now this metric is also available in Basic Metrics for both game projects and applications.

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devtodev SDK for Godot Engine

Released: 27/02/2024

Now you can create games and apps from scratch on all popular engines, including Godot, all while utilizing detailed data analytics tools. Devtodev platform will support you in understanding player behavior, optimization, and increasing user engagement throughout the entire lifetime of the product.

The new Godot SDK is now available for iOS, macOS, and Android platforms, providing you with the tools you need to take your games and apps to the next level.

Learn how to integrate Godot SDK:

pageGodot Engine

Copy dynamic segments

Released: 28/01/2024

An existing dynamic segment can be duplicated with just one click. Simply copy the segment and adjust its settings to save time when creating a segment with similar conditions.

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More Alert options

Released: 09/01/2024

You can receive notifications if the number of basic or custom events suddenly changes or differs from a specific day. These alerts will inform you about any positive or negative fluctuations.

Also, two new conditions have become available: a comparison with the previous day and a comparison with the same day last week. This allows the alert to activate when yesterday's event count is different from the count on the chosen day.

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Add Retention report to custom dashboards

Released: 20/12/2023

Results from Devtodev’s Retention report can now be added to a custom dashboard as a widget. This information helps you track crucial retention metric values for your project. The update eliminates the need for SQL in building the report and adding it to the dashboard.

Here are some examples of how you can use this functionality:

  • Add a widget with data on the retention of users who signed up for a specific subscription plan.

  • Display the retention of users who signed up for your project and then performed a desired action (e.g., created a project, started a workout, or invited a friend).

  • Compare the retention of users who engaged with your new features with those who did not (e.g., completed/skipped onboarding).

  • Add several widgets to compare the retention of users who used different methods of doing something (e.g., project creation, battle modes, price plans, payment methods, etc.).

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IS NOT operator and new parameter options in reports

Released: 05/12/2023

Devtodev’s Custom event, Custom funnels, and User flow reports got a new operator and parameter value that will increase their flexibility. Use the 'IS NOT' operator and 'null' parameter value to exclude certain parameters and to work with events that do not return any value.

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Manage User properties in one click

Released: 21/11/2023

You can disable any property that you have previously added and now consider unnecessary or faulty. For example, if you initially collected the 'user type' property (such as beginner or pro), but have since decided to focus on the 'user status' property (guest/registered), you can disable the 'user type' property to maintain a cleaner and more organized report-building process.

Learn how to manage User Properties

1x1 widget in Custom events

Released: 20/11/2023

With this update a familiar 1x1 widget from SQL and Basic Metrics becomes available in the Custom events report. Select Report type -> Number and a single number for your most important KPI is ready for your dashboard.

Here are some examples of what you can check: number of in-app shop openings, average battle time in a game, conversion from workout start to finish.

Learn more about Custom events report

App type selection

Released: 30/10/2023

When creating a new devtodev project, you can now select the type of project: a game or an application. This choice will affect the customization of the devtodev interface. Depending on the type, specialized reports will be available.

You can always change the type of the project later in Settings -> General settings.

Learn more about adding new projects

Convenient 1x1 widget from Basic Metrics report

Released: 19/09/2023

Devtodev users are familiar with the 1x1 widget — a small module on your dashboard containing a single number designed to keep you informed about important metrics. With the latest update from Devtodev, you no longer need to use SQL to create widgets with basic metrics. You can simply open the Basic Metrics report, select a metric, click View -> Number, and then add this number as a widget to your dashboard. This will not only save you valuable time but also enable you to use a limited number of SQL widgets to display other metrics.

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1x1 Widget upgrade

Released: 29/08/2023

When it comes to data visualization, Devtodev offers plenty of powerful tools, and SQL widgets is one of them. To give you access to even more data points on your dashboards, we’ve introduced an update that offers you the ability to display two metrics on a single 1x1 widget. Simply write a single query and get two numbers: it is easy, convenient and requires less time than creating separate queries for two individual widgets.

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Simplified Funnel views

Released: 16/08/2023

Devtodev’s clients frequently create funnels to analyze various aspects of their apps and games. However, these funnels are often longer than a single screen, and the users find themselves having to scroll excessively, which can be quite inconvenient.

To alleviate this issue, we have recently introduced the 'Step' option to the Conversion funnel report. It is designed to save our clients time and effort while streamlining the funnel exploration process.

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Space Overview update

Released: 25/07/2023

The overview provides essential metrics for all projects in Space, allowing users to conventionally track the metrics of the projects. Additionally, it offers the option to access the prepared reports in the selected project to analyze metric rises or falls. The overview aims to briefly introduce each project's key metrics and keep users informed about devtodev's news.

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Customize Tutorial steps

Released: 18/07/2023

This update empowers you to enhance collaboration among team members by giving each step in the Tutorial analysis report a meaningful and easy-to-understand name of your choice.

By tapping on the step in the report, you can assign a name that describes the action and facilitate seamless collaboration among all team members working on the app.

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Basic metrics report: percentage share

Released: 27/06/2023

In our latest update we added distribution by parameter (Show % of total) across all the Basic metrics report tables. This feature proves particularly valuable when you need to determine the percentage of users with a specific attribute in relation to the total number of users in a particular group. It’s extremely convenient because you don’t need to waste time on creating separate SQL queries anymore!

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Enhanced Retention report

Released: 20/06/2023

devtodev’s Retention reports has got several new features that will enable you to narrow down the audiences and calculate this metric more effectively.

With this update, we’ve introduced two additional options for two calculation methods (by calendar days and by 24-hour interval):

  • Flexible calculation start: you can now choose a specific event or several events that define a cohort for retention calculation, allowing for more tailored analysis..

  • Custom calculation end: you have the freedom to select a particular event that signifies a user’s return to the product, enabling more precise measurement.

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Updated Funnels: more events and Churned users segment

Released: 25/05/2023

This update got you two new features in the Funnel report (Reports -> Conversion funnel): an alternative event that you can use when building a funnel, and an option for creating a segment of users who failed to complete all the funnel steps.

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Updated Virtual Goods & Purchases report

Released: 02/05/2023

This time we added several great features to the report’s Virtual goods and purchases section. They allow for a much deeper analysis of in-game currency, purchases, and real money spends.

What we did:

  • Added display of item groups. The groups may come in handy in case you have too many items.

  • Added breakdown by levels.

  • Introduced a number of purchases divided by the DAU metric value (“% of active”, as in the Custom events report).

  • Improved mean value. After the update, we calculate it as the number of items purchased at a level divided by the number of users.

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Data labels in reports

Released: 17/04/2023

You can now activate Data labels on charts in Basic Metrics, Custom events or SQL reports. Use them to evaluate the dynamics and values in one glimpse.

Learn more about reports

Export Dashboards to PDF

Released: 04/04/2023

Sharing dashboards has never been so easy and convenient! devtodev already has a wide range of tools that make your work more smooth and unhindered, however, the export to pdf tool takes the process to the next level.

It’s an extremely convenient option for both senders and recipients. The senders can make sure that the recipients get only the data that they want to share with them in the exact form that they intended to show them. The recipients can get access to data without going through the whole process of signing up to the devtodev platform.

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Funnels: limit by session, rename steps

Released: 07/03/2023

Analyzing FTUE using devtodev funnels is as easy as it can be! To make the process more convenient, we are introducing ‘limitation by session’ — a new additional option that will help you with analyzing any particular user session. Now building a funnel is as easy as creating any devtodev out-of-the-box reports — simply click and analyze every aspect of it.

If you are curious about the number of users who achieve the ultimate goal during the first or the Nth session (first two, three, etc.), you can easily calculate them, build a segment and then analyze thoroughly. Simply click on ‘Conversion time limit’, set a sequential number of the session and build a funnel.

Now you can also rename funnel steps!

Check out this article for more details

SDK Update: full complience with COPPA

Released: 16/02/2023

If you have a child-directed app or game, you may worry that the data you send to devtodev is anonymised and protected enough. It’s not a problem anymore with our updated SDK because it operates in full compliance with COPPA — the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

This updated version of devtodev SDK does not collect, process or store ad IDs of children. It simply creates anonymised user identification numbers that can be used by the platform for tracking underaged users without influencing the decisions they make.

If you already use devtodev SDK, all you need to do is to enable the COPPA-compliance opinion before SDK initialization and delete the dependencies necessary for processing ad and vendor IDs. This will not interfere with your working process because almost all devtodev reports will stay available and you will be able to use them as you did before.

Read more about it in our documentation: iOS, Android, and Unity

New metric in A/B tests: CARPU

Released: 14/02/2023

We’ve added 1, 7, 14 and 30-day Cumulative ARPU to the A/B tests. You can use these metrics to improve the quality of the analysis and prove that the implemented changes did not influence other key metrics of the app.

Learn more about A/B testing

User Flow: more session analysis options

Released: 17/01/2023

Drill down into your user flow data by setting a limit on the number of user sessions! This option comes in handy in case you want to take a closer look at what your users managed to achieve during, let’s say, their first session, and compare it with your expectations.

There are three options in this report - “No”, “Limit by first session”, and “Limit by number of sessions”. If you want to see events that users completed during their first session, choose the second option. If you want to see data for several sessions, choose the third option. In this case, the calculation is as follows: we take the specified number of sessions performed during the selected period, then we take the dates of the first and the last sessions, and after that we analyze the events performed during this period.

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